The South Carolina Tea Party Coalition

Fifth Anniversary

“Whom Do We Trust To Lead This Nation”

Join Us In Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary – January 16-18, 2016

2016 South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention Presidential Primary Edition

Springmaid Beach Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Presidential Candidates – Outstanding Expert Speakers – Critical Issue Panels

Q&A Sessions – National Live Stream

Book Signings -Meet & Greet – 3 Convention Ballrooms – Deluxe Ocean View Rooms

Sponsorships available and include Meeting Rooms & Organization Tables

All Candidates in the 2016 SC Presidential Primary will be invited.


General Admission (3 full days) $75,

Reserve your seats today. Seating is limited:

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Patron Sponsorship Options:

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VIP Options

After Purchase, Please follow the link to the Registration Page to receive your confirmation email and print your tickets. Thank You!

Platium Level Event Patron – $1,000 Donation
-Your Name and Business including Website URL, Listed in our Official Program
- Complementary Weekend Passes – Six (6) reserved VIP seats
-Speaker’s Hospitality Suite Access – Includes food and drink and opportunities to meet with our speakers
Gold Level Event Patron – $500 Donation
-Your Name and Business Listed in our Official Program
- Complementary Weekend Passes – Four (4) reserved VIP seats
Silver Level Event Patron – $250 Donation-Your Name Listed in our Official Program
- Complementary Weekend Pass – Two (2) reserved VIP seats Bronze Level Event Patron – $125 Donation
- Complementary Weekend Pass –
One (1) reserved VIP seat

Hotel Accommodations instructions:

Make sure to use the Reservation Code 10A971 to guarantee our group rate of $69.00 + tax and fees.

Also, request a room in the Live Oaks Building which is closest to the Convention Center,

Booking hotel reservations – Online- Springmaid Beach Resort

By phone – Please Call 843-315-7100

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The Fate of the Republican Establishment
And Our Nation

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TruthThis article hits the nail on the head, concerning the 2016 GOP Presidential nominee and the future of politics. Will we be governed by the people or the Elites.

American Thinker: The Fate of the Republican Establishment
By Steve McCann

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Tea Party Activists Ridicule Sal Russo’s Claim ‘There Are Zero Big-Government Republicans Today’
by Michael Patrick Leahy

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Joe Dugan, founder and executive producer of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, thinks Russo has both his math and his politics all wrong.Sal Russo, the seasoned Republican consultant who founded the Tea Party Express PAC in March 2009, says there are “zero” big-government Republicans today.

“When Reagan became president, he had all these big-government Republicans. There are zero today,” Russo told The Hill.

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Net Neutrality Is a Trojan Horse Virus Infecting the Internet
Written by C. Mitchell Shaw

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Net NeutralityLast week Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, published an op-ed piece for Wired which laid out his strategy to “ensure net neutrality” by treating the Internet as a public utility and applying the same types of regulations that are used for phone and electric companies.

Many groups favor the move because of the promise of reining in irresponsible Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Net neutrality promises to protect Internet users by barring ISPs from limiting use of the Internet or charging extra fees for streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon.

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OMB’s Donovan: Obama Open to Gas Tax Increase
By Alexis Simendinger

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Please join us for the rally in Columbia on February 10Are you ready for a federal gas tax increase followed by a state gas tax increase? The federal Highway Trust Fund is running out of money, and some senators have proposed to fix the problem by raising gas taxes. This, however, is the wrong solution because it treats the symptom, and not the underlying reason for the shortfall.

Increasing the gas tax would simply allow Congress to increase spending on often-frivolous projects that do nothing for highway travelers, with no guarantee that it would keep spending below revenues. Thus, in two or three years we would be likely to see the fund once again run out of money.

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New App Lets You Track Government Spending On Your Phone

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clear-bankWe all know that the federal government, whether run by Republicans or Democrats, spends and spends and then spends some more. Government has no incentive to shrink because for every worker, from the president on down, the money spent is other people’s money.

In a corporation, profit is an incentive towards efficiency, but not so in government. Moreover, in a corporation, you have the shareholders breathing down your neck to make sure you’re doing what you can to maximize profit.

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Your Brain on FED LED ED: Where Did It Go?
by Lauren Martel – Chief Legal Correspondent

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Dont JustTeach-Give Kids A ChanceAre we creating an environment of curriculum and methodology of training that nurtures the idea—You are unique—just like everyone else?

What is the Original purpose of education? I grew up in a home where the Socratic method was encouraged, meaning we learned by asking questions.

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