Reserve Your Table For The SCTPC Convention

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We The People Are GatheringIn order to encourage current members of the SCTPC and other recognized Tea Party/Grassroots groups to reserve tables, effective immediately, our pricing structure will be changed to the following:


Current SCTPC Members- no charge

Non-Member Tea Party – $100 (one table per recognized group)

Special Approved Issues – $200

Candidates For Office – $200

Vendors – $350

*Use of tables is for the entire weekend 4pm Saturday until 8pm Monday

By using these tables to promote each group’s materials, ideas, issues, etc., we hope that all can learn from each other and increase the effectiveness of the entire movement.

In past conventions, this 2 nd floor book signing, meet & greet, and display area has been a very popular portion of our weekend conventions.

For those wishing to reserve tables or meeting rooms:

Please make your check payable to:

South Carolina Tea Party Coalition

c/o Dan Murrill, Treasurer

PO Box 30985

Charleston, SC 29417путевка кипр август 2015 парнака сан ремонайти путевка в египетrussain translationрадиаторы биметаллические италия



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    kevin shinault says:

    Hello..I am kevin shinault and I have led a group of tea partiers coming together for a couple years now for the purpose of sharing best practices. We had as many as 25 tea parties represented from the middle of the state of NC in March of 2012. In December of 2012 we officially launched the NC Tea Party Coalition and we included all of the tea parties who wanted to be in our group and in our first get together in March of 2013 we had over 400 in Hickory and we had some great speakers. We took time off so folks could “get involved” in their republican conventions right through June. In Sept we had a huge 700 in attendance Constitution Day Tea Party Rally and we have had 700 now for 3 years in a row. We have a steering committee and I was wondering if I could swap out a table from our group to give you one at our first attempt at a convention maybe this summer! I came last year and learned much from you and got great contacts. Madison Rising was going to come to our Rally but 4 grand was a little steep on their terms..If I need to pay for the table I do want one in the name of NC Tea Party Coalition. We do not co-opt each other nor do we want personal gain but we do want to share on specific issues at the right time and either support Raleigh republicans or hold their feet to the fire! In liberty Kevin H Shinault…


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