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Tune In To Tim McGinnisIf you live in the 7th District, please tune in to “Carolina This Week” on WPDE this Sunday morning at 11:00am. I will be speaking with Tim McGinnis about our convention and other items that are important to us. I hope you find this interview lively and informative. For those outside the district that cannot receive this channel, we will have a YouTube video posted here by midweek.

The interest in our 2014 convention has been tremendous and we are thrilled that so many of you, from South Carolina and at least a dozen other states will be attending. We have a fabulous line-up of speakers to keep you informed and up to date on dozens of critical issues.

Tea Party and Grassroots leaders and activists are the most well informed and knowledgeable citizens in the country because we are constantly reading and looking for truth. We hope that our convention will add greatly to your knowledge and better equip you to combat the lies, deceit and deception that endlessly comes out of the lame stream media and Washington, DC.

Media:  Media covering this convention will consist of but not limited to the following:

Tea Party Patriots (http://www.teapartypatriots.org/ ) is our sponsor for the national live stream of our entire convention. Livestream production services will be provided by www.GroundFloorVideo.com and they will also facilitate a national live stream in Spanish.

Direct live stream may be viewed at:

ENGLISH http://new.livestream.com/teapartypatriotslive http://southcarolinateapartycoalition.com/

ESPAN’OL http://new.livestream.com/accounts/6688693

Breitbart News Network’s Editor-in-Chief,  Alex Marlow will be our Sunday morning MC as well as our opening speaker. Please refer to http://www.breitbart.com frequently for convention coverage and news articles. Breitbart will also be broadcasting our live stream.

WND.com will showcase the live stream feeds of our speakers, as well as post articles before and after the convention.

CSPAN will be filming our entire Saturday afternoon session for broadcast later in the week of January 20, 2014.

Exhibit Tables: Due to another event in the convention center, the 2nd floor table area will not be available for setup until about 4pm on Saturday. The first convention session will run from 3-6pm on the 3rd floor so we don’t expect much traffic in the table area until 6pm. For the remainder of the weekend the exhibit floor will be open but the highest traffic times will be before and after the Sunday and Monday sessions, during our 1/2 hour coffee breaks at approx. 3pm each day and during our 1 hour lunch breaks. We encourage all our exhibitors to erect free standing banners, identifying their organizations and tables. Please do not fasten anything to the walls.

Yard Signs: Yard signs are not permitted on the resort grounds. If an Exhibitor does not have a banner they are permitted to have no more than two (2) yard signs without wire hangers, to identify their table. No yard signs may be distributed in the convention center. If candidates or organizations wish to hand out yard signs, this may be done in the parking lot only and recipients are required to put the signs in their vehicles and leave them there until the convention is over and they have left the premises. Any signs violating this policy will be removed by the hotel staff. We do not want anyone getting poked or hurt with wires from sign holders. Signs that are on vehicles coming into the resort grounds may leave them on/in their vehicles. Door hangers, buttons, DVDs,campaign literature and other small items may be distributed from the exhibit tables.

Speaker Questions We do not allow questions from the floor. Each speaker is escorted into a separate Q&A room where as many as 35 people can follow them to ask questions until the next speaker is ready to use the room.

We also will be taking thousands of pictures that can be downloaded from facebook as well as being posted on our website during the event. So don’t be surprised if you see yourself either in a video or posted on our website. We will have photographers snapping pictures through out the weekend. So come looking patriotic and you may be on the front page of our website.

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    I am very excited to have such great speakers attending our convention. Also looking forward to having activist from 12 others states joining us to make this the best convention to date. Help us kick off the 2014 SCTPC Convention!

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