Welcome to our 2014 Convention!
Executive Producer Of The 2014 SCTPC Convention: Joe Dugan

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Joe Dugan1.jpg Since their inception in 2012, the vision for our annual conventions has been to bring together, in this time of national crisis, our nation’s top experts to present solutions to the greatest challenges facing our Constitutional Republic. We believe our Founding Fathers had it right when they created the formula for the most successful civilization in the history of the world.

It is our dedicated intention to expose the lies, deceit and corruption emanating from our nation’s Capitol, that has put this Republic on the brink of insolvency, destroyed free markets, individual freedom and sovereignty. The Federal Government, created by the states, now seeks to consume them through “political correctness” and multiculturalism that destroys the notion of a “melting pot” where everyone wanted to become an American. By removing God from our culture, destroying the family unit and replacing ambition with dependency, the nation we once knew is quickly disappearing.

The time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots is long past. Now those who truly love America must get off the couch and determine our future. What are YOU going to do, sit or stand?

Joe Dugan, Carolina This Week, 1.12.14

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