Keeping It Local South Carolina Issues
By: John Steinberger

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Keeping It Local In South CarolinaSouth Carolina has thousands of great conservative activists with creativity, vision and enthusiasm.   South Carolina conservatives can have the greatest impact on shaping policy in their own communities!

The 2015 South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention will feature a two-hour block focused on state and local issues Monday, Jan. 19 where our activists can have the most influence.  The Keeping It Local segment will focus on how our involvement can bring limited government to our state and local communities.

Rep. Chip Limehouse will discuss his Registration By Party bill,  as well as legislation to protect South Carolina from the effects of illegal immigration.  Former Sen. Mike Rose will explain how activists can gather signatures to place laws on the ballot for county voters to decide upon.

Spartanburg Tea Party activist Bill Conley will explain the importance of getting conservatives to attend Precinct Re-organization meetings in March, while education advocate Sheri Few will discuss how conservative advocates can shape policy decisions and impact the political process in our counties and state.

Former Dorchester County Sheriff will discuss the importance of supporting local law enforcement and holding law enforcement agencies accountable.

For those who get upset at your County Councils for recommending tax increases and eroding property rights, Lauren Martel from the Hilton Head Tea Party will explain how we must support conservatives for County Council.   BenSwann.com writer Joshua Cook will tell us how conservatives in Greenville County defeated a tax hike referendum.

The Keep It Local segment is designed to motivate and inspire conservative activists to make a difference in their communities!


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