The American Dream
Story: Joe Dugan

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American DreamMany of us thought that when we elected Donald Trump as President, our long fought battle against the New World Order was won and we could sit back for a bit for a well deserved rest. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Except for the Tax Cut, not a single significant bill was passed by Congress in 2017. The reprehensible bribes demanded by the Republican Establishment for their votes on taxes, were an outrage and of course the Democrats don’t have an independent thinker in all of Congress and just follow orders like programmed robots.

So now how, with one less “Republican Senator”, does President Trump get the rest of his “Contract with the American People” completed?

If it means giving in on DACA, Amnesty, the Wall and illegal immigration that will be a recipe for disaster.

If individual Democrats are not capable of thinking of the best interest of the nation and it’s citizens, then how can we ever have a united America again?

If we allow, outrageously high paid, unelected government agencies, to instigate unchallenged rules and criminal penalties based on political agendas, that is not what our founders had in mind when establishing this unique Republic. Have the FBI, CIA, EPA. Homeland Security and Court system that legislates from the bench, truly followed our 3 branches of Government Republic Foundatation?

As much as we are exhausted for the victory in 2016, the patriots of this nation must get back in the fight and again demand that we are a nation of laws, with equal opportunity but not equal outcomes for all.

We have not seen accountability and justice for those trying to divide and destroy this great nation in at least 8 years. White collar crime is the easiest to get away with and involves the theft of billions of taxpayer dollars.

The 2018 SCTPC Convention from January 20-23, 2018 has invited the best American heroes, authors and patriots to share the gloves off, bare knuckled truth about what real citizens need to know to preserve this great nation for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. If you love this nation, you need to be there!

Make your reservations and purchase your tickets today at South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention (website) and while you are there read the bios of our incredible Speakers! “NO Political Correctness”  https://youtu.be/RHP98UFGvBw


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