House’s Top Ten Questions for IRS About Targeting Tea Party Groups

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tea-party-textOn Sunday, the House Ways and Means Committee released a list of the top ten questions to ask the IRS about the targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups at upcoming House Ways and Means Committee hearings:


1.     Beginning with an inquiry in June 2011, the House Ways and Means Committee has repeatedly asked the IRS for verification about whether or not it was targeting groups based on their political philosophies.  On repeated occasions, including at a March 2012 Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee hearing, the IRS explicitly denied such activities had occurred.  Now, widespread media reports confirm that the agency learned of these practices just three weeks after the Committee made its initial inquiry related to these groups – nearly 2 years ago.  How many times did the IRS lie to Congress about this issue?

2.     What words were used in the targeting campaign?  We know “tea party,” “patriots” and “conservative” were used.

3.     We know words targeting conservative-leaning organizations were used.  What about words like “progressive” or “green”?  What proof, if any, has IRS provided to demonstrate this was not a politically motivated act?  Were any personnel ever directed to delay processing of certain 501(c )(4) applications until after the election?

4.     When was the IRS Commissioner informed?  When were the White House and Treasury made aware that groups were being targeted based on their political philosophies? How did the White House and Treasury respond when they were made aware that conservative groups were being targeted?
5.  When the IRS Commissioner was made aware of these unlawful practices, what steps were taken, if any, to halt the harassment of conservative organizations?  Who was disciplined regarding these practices, if anyone?

6.     Who were the employees that made these decisions, and what guidance were they provided with from Washington, if any, to pursue their work in this manner?  Who are these employees?  Were these political appointees?  Were they hired through the process established by the Ramspeck Act (where some, including staff whose Members have lost or retired, receive placement assistance in an agency setting)?

7.     It is clear from the TIGTA timeline that IRS was targeting those with conservative political philosophies as early as 2010. It is well documented that active Congressional investigations were going on pertaining to this subject – why wasn’t Congress immediately notified when IRS became aware that groups were, in fact, actively being targeted?

8.     How widespread was the campaign to target conservative groups? We’ve heard about Ohio, a longtime bellwether state in political elections.  What has IRS done, if anything, to identify whether this practice of targeting specific groups was occurring in IRS offices in other states?

9.     Why is IRS apologizing now?  IRS waited until well after the 2012 election cycle to issue a public apology for targeting these groups, but never informed Congress of its intent to do so, despite ongoing investigations.  Why didn’t they inform Congress of their intent to do so?

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