Message to Washington– WE DO NOT APPROVE OF YOUR ACTIONS!!!

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DSC06261Another Poll Confirms Message to Washington, DC – WE DO NOT APPROVE OF YOUR ACTIONS!!!

This is the second article in a series and contains a 44% increase in the number of people polled (466).

By Joe Dugan

Myrtle Beach, SC: October 26, 2013

We believe that the polls in the mainstream media are deceptive and misleading at best and do not represent the true anger and frustration of everyday Americans across the state of South Carolina.

In order to put some numbers behind that belief, the Myrtle Beach Tea Party, Inc., (MBTP) reached out to the farmers, merchants and families attending Fall Festivals in Horry County, SC, asking their views in a written poll.

The first poll was conducted at the Aynor Hoe Down on September 19, 2013, before the Senate refusal to negotiate, forced the closure of national parks and monuments such as the World War II open air memorial in Washington.

The Loris Bog-Off poll, taken on October 19, 2013, after the government “re-opened”, consisted of a much larger sample size and the results are almost identical.

For the most part the polling was conducted away from the MBTP tent and people were randomly polled while waiting on food lines, in the Bandstand area and at major traffic areas throughout the festival site.

The amazing results dispel the myth that the American people do not know or care about what is happening to their country. They are paying attention and overwhelmingly do not like what they see.

Five questions were selected because they directly relate to the most important topics being discussed in Congress today. We had no idea what kind of results we would get based on all the noise in the press about uninformed voters and citizens not caring about what happens to their country.

When the first poll results from Aynor came in, we were amazed at how informed, aware and passionate the citizens of a small rural community in South Carolina are. They have very strong views about how their government is totally out of touch with the desires of the electorate.

The second poll in Loris, not only confirmed the previous results but showed even more contempt for the “my way or the highway” antics in Washington,

They are not being represented and they have been manipulated. Elected officials at all levels can ignore these poll results at their own peril.

At total of 466 people took the poll before we ran out of ballots.

People were chosen at random while waiting on food concession lines, walking through the exhibits or passing by the MBTP tents and asked to circle one answer for each question..

1)Do you think we should support the rebels in Syria with money, weapons or troops?

Results: YES   31 (6.65%)          NO  434  (93.13%)

2)Do you think we should grant Amnesty to illegal aliens?

Results: YES  22 (4.72%)          NO  440  (94.42%)

3)Do you think we should secure our borders immediately?                                       

Results: YES 438 (93.99%)         NO   23 (4.94%)

4)Do you think that the government should have access to our phone records

and emails without legal warrants?                                                                               

Results: YES   20 (4.29%)              NO   466 (95.71%)

5)Do you think that the government should have control over your healthcare?       

Results: YES  12 (2.58%)              NO  452  ( 97.00%)

Click Here To See The Poll Taken At the Aynor Fall Festival

In addition to the polling, a white board was available for people to mark who they blamed for the antics in DC.

Who do you BlameAs you can see in the picture above, despite all of the media polls telling otherwise, the overwhelming majority blamed refusal to negotiate positions of Obama and Harry Reid.

As in years past, at the MBTP tent itself, free stickers, coloring and activity books, literature, and over 600 pocket Constitutions, were given to many of the families attending. With a number of our members dressed in 1776 period attire, children asked some amazing questions and many told us they were going to bring their coloring/activity books and constitution books to school to show to their classmates.

Please note: After the votes were tallied it quickly became apparent, how different the polls were in comparison to the establishment voices in Washington.

In questions 1 through 4 the answers are overwhelmingly opposed to the policies advocated by Sen. Lindsey Graham, although no candidates name was ever brought up during any of the polling. on question 5, Sen. Graham voted for cloture allowing the Senate to only require a 50% majority to fully implement Obamacare.аксессуары для ванной чехияалюминиевая гусятницаfrench translation of englishпродвижение в поисковике


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