Sen Mike Lee On Mark Levin Show – Omnibus

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Mark Levin interviewing Mike LeeMark Levin asks Senator Mike Lee for his opinion on the Cromnibus package, and the hundreds of millions of dollars of pork that are tucked away into every corner of the bill. Levin raises a point that he picked up from Byron York that the bill contains some very minute spending constraints for some of its contents, a very apparent invalidation of the claims of those who said that spending restraints could not be part of it and refused to use that tool to fight the illegal Obama/Boehner/Johnson amnesty.

Senator Lee says that each Senator will have to explain their own vote. He says, “I voted against it because this was the worst process you can possibly imagine for a bill. It was not even released to the public until days before it was voted upon. And then, even after that happened, they added another hundred and fifty pages to it, so that it’s well over 1,700 pages long now. It contains all kinds of things.

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By:Rick Wells
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