Understanding Amnesty’s Impact on Obamacare’s Price Tag

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trainwreck2landingpageThe Senate is currently considering a massive piece of legislation that would provide amnesty for approximately 11 million people who are in this country illegally today.  The Senate is rushing the legislative process and not allowing the public to fully understand the impact of this broad legislation.  One of the big questions that remains unanswered is how this amnesty bill would affect Obamacare and what the real cost would be.  We simply cannot afford to pass another sweeping piece of legislation without understanding the fiscal implications.


The Senators who are pushing for amnesty have been unable to answer questions about what impact this bill would have on Obamacare.  These questions must be answered before Congress takes any further steps with this piece of legislation.


  • How soon after this amnesty bill goes into effect will the currently illegal population receive Obamacare benefits?
  • Medicaid is already an unsustainable burden on my state’s budget.  What impact will this amnesty bill have on my state’s budget?
  • How many people who receive amnesty will be eligible for Medicaid?
  • What percentage of people who receive amnesty will be added to Obamacare’s state exchanges?  And how will that impact the original cost projections for the state exchanges?
  • Sen. Sessions estimates that, because the amnesty bill allows amnesty recipients to bring their entire families to the United States, the real effect of this amnesty bill will be an increase of 57 million new people in the country in the next 10 years.  How many of those 57 million will be added to Obamacare?


At this point, too many questions remain unanswered.  The Senators pushing this legislation have not allowed the public to raise these questions because they are in such a hurry to pass it.  As we learned with Obamacare, it is more important to take the time to read these lengthy bills before voting on them.  Too much is at stake here for us to pass another “train wreck” bill like Obamacare.


If you agree that Congress should have a clear understanding of amnesty’s impact on Obamacare’s cost, sign your name on this petition and let your voice be heard!  We want Obamacare to understand exactly how this amnesty bill will affect Obamacare’s overall cost, and we want this entire process to be more transparent.керамическая сковорода биолобувь турция купить в харьковестоимость оформления загранпаспорта в украинереклама одностраничного сайта


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