Climate Change Reconsidered

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Ayn Rand On Climate ChangeEvery five years or so, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases a report with a detailed assessment of the current state of the climate. These reports, and the analysis of computer models they contain, predict a bleak future. Dr. Keith Lockitch, fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute and moderator of the panel, points out that the climate change debate “tends to be dominated by the reports of the IPCC.” He adds that these reports declare, “in ever more shrill terms that because we drive cars and use electricity, we are destroying ourselves and the planet.”


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DUNCAN: A step toward American energy independence

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The-globalists-are-killing-us-with-high-oil-pricesOuter continental shelf agreement would boost Gulf oil and natural gas.

About seven years ago, I had the opportunity to tour Devil’s Tower, an offshore drilling platform 140 miles southeast of New Orleans. It was an enriching experience learning how technology and human ingenuity come together to safely harvest resources from the depths of our oceans that are used to power our homes, cars and businesses.

What was even more educational, though, was seeing all the various industries and people that come together to make this venture a reality. After touring the platform, I drove across Highway 90 and saw business after business servicing the offshore operations. I saw welders and pipe fitters, truck drivers and restaurant servers, barge operators and hotel workers. As amazed as I was by what was taking place offshore, it was what was happening onshore that really caught my eye. I saw firsthand that energy creates jobs, and that we need to do everything we can to embrace all-American energy here in the United States.

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Government Is Impeding America’s Energy Explosion

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oilWhat if the United States could quickly take steps that would eliminate the entire trade deficit, boost the economy, and create millions of jobs?

It can, according to a leading energy expert — but not if it retains some current government policies.

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