Seven Questions for Fed Chair Nominee ‘Calamity Janet’ Yellen

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553506_352729241470167_1811628330_nJanet Yellen will be our new Fed chair in 2014, replacing the departing Ben Bernanke.

Let me just start by saying that I have never had any dealings with Janet Yellen, nor do I know anyone who has. My conclusions, therefore, are based on her philosophies more than anything else. It is one’s viewpoints that, to me, trump all other considerations when it comes to deciding who should run the Fed. Past mistakes in our economic history can often be traced to the fact that many people make their decisions based on comfort levels, not necessary change. Janet is comfortable to the 1% crowd.

Janet may be the funniest and smartest woman in town. She may be able to rapid-fire facts and figures in a way that would make a Jeopardy champion envious. She may even be able to bake chocolate chip cookies that would rival Hillary Clinton’s, but that can’t make up for her underlying philosophical beliefs. Janet Yellen is a Keynesian.

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