Camelot Is Burning

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460xIt began in earnest last Friday. A flash mob of latte drinking, tofu eating media that has done its best to quell, rather than fan the flames of truth, turned on one of their own. Jay Carney lay bludgeoned at the base of the podium, a victim of friendly fire.

Ironically, the attack was reminiscent of the one in Benghazi he has repeatedly denied the Administration he represents bears any responsibility for. “Changed twelve times?!” came the cries. And with good reason. We were misled; no, lied to.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away at an American Bar Association conference, IRS big wig Lois Lerner dropped perhaps the biggest bombshell in recent political history, that the IRS had been targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, while responding to a question secretly planted in the audience in advance. My guess is the crowd initially gave a standing ovation, given their blatant left wing agenda, but we’ll never know, as it was a “closed door” session.

Then came the apology from Ms. Lerner: “Sorry ‘bout that folks. Thanks for the questions. There’s coffee and Good Humor Ice Cream in the lobby.” But it didn’t take long for the elated crowd to understand that this might not be good for their guy.

Then the Office of the Inspector General report hit the wires.

Uh oh.

By Saturday morning, there was smoke emanating from the West Wing of the White House, the source reportedly an overheated transformer. But where there’s smoke there’s fire. By Monday afternoon, after news broke of the AP phone records seized by the Department of Justice, it was confirmed: Camelot is burning.

Already worried about the effects of Obamacare on their chances of re-election, the rats are now scurrying across the basketball court on the south lawn. “Run away! Run away!” The problem is, many are running smack dab into the letter their party sent to the IRS demanding that Tea Party groups get extra scrutiny. “GO BACK! NO! MOVE SCHUMER! HELP! I’M MELTING…”

But the spin continues, as if the White House were Alan Freed while Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP scandal were Bill Haley and the Comets. Jay Carney said the IRS’s admission to wrongdoing wasn’t enough for the White House to determine if there actually was any impropriety.

Eric “I Don’t Know” Holder sat before a Congressional hearing regarding the AP and uttered those words how many times?

The President admitted he gets his information from a television set, and that HE, not his administration, had no prior knowledge of the OIG report, but did not address the actual question.

During the appalling IRS hearing, in which we heard about many hard working Americans being targeted, the only thing the Democrats could come up with was to criticize the Citizens United Supreme Court decision! Really? A Supreme Court decision that leveled the playing field? Is that what comes to mind when the very foundation of our democracy is assaulted from the inside? Can you say Benedict Arnold?

The comparisons to other second term “curses” have been made, but no one really believes that. Make no mistake, this is as big as it gets, and no curse is the cause. Take a look around America. Like what you see?

The fact remains that this country is at a pivotal point. What we do or don’t do right now will impact generations to come. Camelot is burning. Will the water-carrying media try to douse the flames? Probably.

Eric Bolling of The Five said it well the other night: “Can we simply have the truth?” A simple question. What may extinguish the flames is the truth. You know it as well as I do.мальдивы горящие туры цены 2015путевки в черногорию из харьковастатистика поиска googletranslate german to english for free


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