Holy Cannibalism, Bat Man: Liberals Are Eating Liberals

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StewartThe Daily Show’s host vehemently ripped into Obama, stating BHO and the IRS vindicated conspiracy theorists by purposefully hamstringing non-profit applications sought by freedom loving citizens. Stewart also hammered away at el Presidente‘ssupposedly “not knowing” about the IRS’ greasy tactics and the DOJ’s egregious 1st amendment breech “until he heard it on the news like we did.” Stewart said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama learned Osama bin Laden had been killed when he saw himself announce it on television.”

However, the crème de le crème was served on Wednesday night when John finally acknowledged that outfits like Fox News, who’ve been seriously miffed for many moons at Obama’s bullying tactics, were, after all, right and had every reason to be outraged.

Stewart, went on to compare Barack to disgraced former President Richard Nixon and/or Mr., Magoo. For those not hip to Mr. Magoo, he was a cartoon character who caused a lot of chaos because of his nearsightedness that was aggravated by his obstinate refusal to admit the problem. BTW, people and animals that had the misfortune to cross paths with Mr. Magoo usually left that encounter thinking he was a lunatic verses just being merely nearsighted. What’s that they say about “life imitating art?”

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