“To My Grave I Will Owe Rand Paul A Debt Of Gratitude” Ted Cruz

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Ted-Cruz-CPACTed Cruz has been in the U.S. Senate just over two months, but he has clearly become one of the two or three elected leaders of the conservative movement today. Cruz’s speech was amazing. He strode out to deliver his speech and walked right past the lectern and the teleprompters and stood in front of them. He proceeded to speak clearly and forcefully without notes or a teleprompter for his entire speech.

It’s not that his speech was a rambling mess, as many speeches wind up being under the claim it was “extemporaneous.” No, his speech was well-organized and well delivered, but clearly from Cruz’s own heart and mind. That in itself sets Ted Cruz apart from many politicians today, who seem to read what someone else wrote for them.

Ted Cruz challenged conservatives to do two things going forward to take America back:

1. Stand up for the Constitution – Cruz cited liberal Democrat Diane Feinstein’s recent shock that he would ask her where she thinks she has the constitutional authority to infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Her response was that the job of Congress is to “pass laws” and then let the Supreme Court sort out whether the laws are Constitutional or not. Cruz said that response reveals the very problem we face. “We need to get back to the Constitution,” Cruz said.

2. Stand up for Growth and Opportunity – Cruz talked about the anemic growth of the Obama Economy, averaging only 0.8% annually over the last four years. He called for reigning in the EPA, building the Keystone Pipeline, repealing ObamaCare, auditing the Federal Reserve, eliminating the Federal Department of Education, and doing away with the “locust” swarm of regulations unleashed on small business by the Obama Administration.

Cruz ended his speech with a rousing challenge, posing a series of questions to the audience. “Do we surrender or do we stand up now?,” he asked about “guns, drones, debt and the Constitution.” Cruz said it’s time to “stand up now!” “That,” he said, “is change we can believe in.”

This speech will only cement Sen. Ted Cruz as a rising star in the Republican Party. His potential is really unlimited. With Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and others, though the present circumstances may appear grim for conservatives, there is a better day coming.

Ted Cruz Speech At CPAC 2013


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