Advice on that $1 trillion spending bill: ‘If you fund it, you own it’
by Jennifer Harper

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American Enterprise Institute president Arthur BrooksThe giant $1.8 trillion omnibus spending bill now stretched out like a walrus in the halls of Congress has spawned mixed reviews. Some observers say the 1,603-page legislation is a marvelous creature — ample evidence that Republicans and Democrats can play nice and do something good together. Others see the bill as a dangerous beast making threatening noises and waving its 100 or so policy riders at onlookers — like that potential funding for President Obama’s amnesty plans, for instance.

The bill is a “sneak attack,” according to CNBC, while Heritage Action frames it as a “blank check for amnesty.” The activists at Common Cause describe the legislation as “a toxic cocktail of giveaways,” the learned wonks of the Committee for a Responsible Budget cite “budgetary gimmicks,” while the ever-vigilant Tea Party Patriots dismiss the bill as an “all powerful, unaccountable American nightmare.”

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By Jennifer Harper

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