Cromnibus Was Obama Gift To Boehner, But Split Democrats
By: E.J. Dionne Jr

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Obama and Boehner have become best buds in DCHow often will President Obama come to House Speaker John Boehner’s rescue even when Republican leaders aren’t willing to give much in return?

And does the president want to preside over a split in his party?

These are among the questions raised by the dramatic budget battle that came close to breaching the deadline for a government shutdown.

It was a remarkable moment because something quite unexpected happened.

Progressives and many moderates were outraged over many parts of the bill, two in particular.

One undercut the financial reforms of the Dodd-Frank law by loosening its restrictions on the ability of banks to use taxpayer-insured funds from depositors for some potentially risky transactions involving derivatives.

Former Rep. Barney Frank, one of the architects of the 2010 law, warned that tossing such a provision into a must-pass bill would provide “a road map for the stealth unwinding of financial reform.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., called it “the worst of government for the rich and powerful.”

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By: E.J. Dionne Jr

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