Why Jeb Bush Can’t Bypass Conservatives
By: W. James Antle III

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Time to get ready to fight for a real candidate who will stay true to our core beliefs.How many times have you asked yourself what is it going to take for the Republican Party to start listening to “We The People”? Do you find yourself thinking what is the use in voting? Well you are not alone there are many conservatives out there who have decided enough with the Bush family.

Before Jeb Bush announced he was “actively exploring” a presidential bid came news he was just as actively seeking a way to avoid appealing to conservatives. (The Bushies prefer the word “pandering.”)

The would-be King Bush III consulted one of the country’s foremost experts on excelling in the Republican Party without being too conservative: Arizona Sen. John McCain.

“I just said to him, ‘I think if you look back, despite the far right’s complaints, it is the centrist that wins the nomination,’” McCain told Bush, according to The New York Times.

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