Boston Manhunt Shows Importance of 2nd Amendment Rights

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gun_rights_handsFriday morning, the entire city of Boston was put in lockdown. Residents were warned to “shelter in place,” meaning staying locked in their homes, answering only to uniformed law enforcement personnel. Hundreds of police swarmed through the city, tracking a violent terror suspect who is possibly armed with explosives with a clear intent to kill. The situation is a reminder of why millions of Americans cherish their right to own guns to protect themselves and their families.

Gun control advocates mistakenly assume Americans cherish their 2nd Amendment rights because of either a cultural anachronism or an affinity for hunting. The left looks at gun control as a debate over which guns Americans “need.” They often argue, for example, that Americans don’t “need” a 30-round magazine to hunt deer. That’s true, but the debate isn’t about “needs”, it is about rights.

The 2nd Amendment is not built on a foundation of hunting, but, rather, the ability to protect one’s life and property. The manhunt in Boston today shows the very real threats that occasionally enter our lives. In a situation like Boston, seconds count, while the police are minutes away.

Hopefully the second Marathon bombing suspect will be apprehended today without additional loss of life. Moreover, let’s hope that no one has to try to defend themselves against the suspected terrorists. Gun control advocates, though, would be wise to reflect on the unfolding events to understand why many of us “cling” to our guns.

The world can be a very dangerous place.

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