The Current War for America’s Soul Is an Even Greater Crisis Than in 1776

general-washington-on-horsebackAfter early colonial victories at Ft. Ticonderoga, Lexington and Concord, British General Thomas Gage was about to be relieved of his command.

In June of 1775 Boston was controlled by the British, who had just sent Generanl William Howe, as one of the new Generals to replace Gage. Howe wanted to capture the high ground at Bunker Hill, but rebel spies heard of the plan and dug in at Breed’s Hill, even closer to Boston.

On June 17, 1775, Howe with 2300 highly trained British troops, attacked the 1600-man militia and was twice driven back. Even though Howe had 1000 of his troops killed or wounded, he attacked again. The militia, with only 271 men lost, had run out of ammunition and was forced to retreat.

During the winter of ’75-’76, Colonel Henry Knox travelled to Ft. Ticonderoga and recovered 120,000 lbs. of artillery which he brought back intact, 300 miles to Cambridge.

As a result, on March 4, 1776, General Washington, in the first offensive of his command, was able to position his forces on the high ground of Dorchester Heights overlooking Boston. After Howe saw the cannons he prepared to abandon the city. They spent the next two weeks evacuating … 120 ships, 9000 redcoats, 2000 Loyalists from Boston harbor.

The war for America’s soul, in which we are now engaged, is in even greater crisis than in 1776, since they could retreat and regroup while we have nowhere to go. We are losing the liberty and freedoms that they selflessly fought for … by a treacherous shredding of our Constitution, redistribution of wealth that destroys individual initiative, and a Nanny state that seeks to control and tax everything we do!

We need you to step up, like Colonel Knox, to provide that supply line, so necessary for our struggle to retain our heritage and very way of life. The Socialists are using our tax dollars to fund our demise and we need you to help stop them!

Our country cannot continue to exist as a Constitutional Republic, without you.

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