Editorial: Open Letter to the Gang Of Eight

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Tri-corner hat.j[gWhy are the eight gangsters selling our country out, in secret, with their so called “Immigration Reform”.

Is there an ounce of common sense among them or have they all bought into the policy that “political correctness” rather that what is in the best interest of our nation, control our immigration policy.

Would it not be common sense, while we are falling behind Asia in math and science, to give preferential treatment to immigrants with advanced degrees in those areas?

Since we know we are going to be facing a shortage of doctors, is it wrong to give Americans preferential treatment over foreign students in are medical schools?

If we choose to let a small number of foreigners into our medical schools, is it wrong to make them sign a contract that they will practice medicine for 10-15 years in the US with some of that time served in clinics in impoverished areas?

Is it not in America’s best interest that every immigrant prove that they have the wherewithal to be a contributor to our society rather than a burden on it?

And while we are at it let’s put the word United back into our policy. Our past melting pot immigration policy was so successful because immigrants sought opportunity and wanted to become Americans. They wanted their children to learn English and become an integral part of our nation’s culture. Many of today’s immigrants don’t want that unique national culture but want to preserve their own, while at the same time reaping all the benefits that our government borrows money from China to bestow.

We would never have become the greatest nation in the history of mankind if we originally adopted the multiculturalism of today’s “Progressives”.

And what about terrorists and sworn enemies of Western Civilization that freely cross our porous borders. When sequestration took effect the first things done were to shut down the White House and open the jail cells

If the object is truly to divide our society into different cultures then I submit that we could better do so by literally enforcing the 10th Amendment and letting each state determine their own culture and laws without federal interference, mandates and regulations.

This is not about race or ethnicity.

It is totally about bringing value and security to our Republic.

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