Congressman Jeff Duncan Says The “Establishment” Republicans need to quiet down

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Jeff Duncan Believe The GOP should listen to TrumpThe “Establishment” Republicans need to quiet down and listen to what Trump and others are saying – because it is resonating with the average American – hence the continued lead in almost every poll.

If the GOP as a whole would actually listen to some of the things Trump is saying, incorporating those things into their platforms and policies – We would be better off.

-Secure the border.
-Enforce the laws already on the books.
-Halt the refugee resettlement until the government can better assure and show the American people that our vetting is much better (San Bernardino wife???)
-Almost all, if not all, terrorist attacks on the United States have by committed by Muslim men. No denying that. It is time for the Muslim organizations, countries and mosques to condemn such action, assist law enforcement and the US govt – and if not, they have no business criticizing those who criticize Islam.

We have an unsecured border in the Southwest. No denying that.

The most important issues we should be talking about are “Secure the Border” and “Enforce the Laws.



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    Ed Betterley says:

    Thank you sir. I plan to call Allen soon to talk about the recent thoughts from Heritage Action, specifically wrt the Omnibus “Planned Parenthood myth”, stopping El Jefe’s executive amnesty, and claims about “a robust, comprehensive security check” for Jihadists.

    I sure hope Mr. Ryan plans to back up his tough talk about an “Agenda for 2016″ this year with actions that fully support it.

    All the best,

    Ed B.


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