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Jon HuntsmanNo Labels is a growing citizens’ movement of Democrats, Republicans and everything in between dedicated to promoting a new politics of problem solving.

We are unlike any organization in America. The most powerful interest groups in our nation’s capital work to push our leaders and our political parties apart. No Labels is working to bring them together to forge solutions to our nation’s problems. We welcome people left, right and everything in between as long as they are willing to collaborate with one another to seek a shared success for America. This new attitude is what No Labels is all about.

No Labels promotes its politics of problem solving in three ways: by organizing citizens across America, providing a space for legislators who want to solve problems to convene and by pushing for common-sense reforms to make our government work.

Since their launch in December 2010, No Labels has consistently grown in size and in influence, with hundreds of thousands of supporters across the country. We entered 2013 with two new national leaders, former Republican Governor Jon Huntsman and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

Within Congress, No Labels has already recruited 55 members to become problem solvers and agree to meet regularly in 2013 to build trust across the aisle.

To help empower these problem solvers in Congress, No Labels is focused on breaking down the structural problems that push our leaders apart. Toward that end, we have released two comprehensive action plans that are as straightforward as their titles: Make Congress Work! and Make the Presidency Work! 

These plans are gaining traction on Capitol Hill and beyond. Our signature proposal, No Budget, No Pay, not only gained over 90 co-sponsors in the 112th Congress, but it also received a hearing in the Senate in March of 2012. As the 113th Congress convened, Speaker John Boehner attached a version of the No Budget, No Pay proposal to legislation that would temporarily raise the debt ceiling. While the measure differed slightly from No Labels’ original plan, the fundamental concept remained the same: if Congress cannot pass a budget, members will not be paid. The House passed the measure on January 23 by a vote of 285 to 144, and the Senate followed suit on January 31, passing the bill 64 to 34. On February 4, President Barack Obama signed No Budget, No Pay into law.

Finally, we have a third action plan, Make America Work!, which argues that achieving a new politics of problem solving will require our elected leaders to embrace No Labels’ five key principles of political leadership: 1) Tell the full truth, 2) Govern for the future, 3) Put the country first, 4) Be responsible, and 5) Work together.

No Labels does not expect anyone to shed their identity when they join our movement. We are a community of proud liberals, proud conservatives and everything in between who are united by the conviction that people with different beliefs really can set aside the labels and come together to solve problems.

Is John McCain and Lindsey Graham a member of this ?

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