Filibusted: Outreach Supper with Graham & McCain Leads to $600 Billion Tax Hike Proposal

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McCain and GrahamThe price of Senators McCain and Graham attending an ‘outreach dinner‘ with the president may wind up costing taxpayers $600 billion more in taxes. And you thought the only price paid would be to their image.

While Rand Paul was working the Senate chamber in a 13 hour-long filibuster to ensure the American homeland would not be treated like a permanent battlefield, the two GOP Senators were noshing on some mega-caloric meal with President Obama. Bad optics isn’t just the vision you get when you spend as much time in government as these two senators.

As the Daily Caller reported about the dinner table agenda:

White House officials tell reporters they hope to make progress in Congress by splitting a few swing-voting GOP Senators away from the GOP Senate caucus, which is led by Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell.

A top goal for the president is to replace half of the automatic 10-year, $1.2 trillion spending cuts known as sequestration with a plan that would include tax increases. Obama also wants to pass immigration reform, which is being pushed by Graham and McCain.

The president’s tax hike deal would essentially cut the effect of the sequester in half by dulling the need for the government to cut back spending. The $600 billion in tax increases would come at the expense of the private economy, which is struggling to create enough jobs to improve the unemployment rate and boost labor force participation.

Roll Call had reported that the dinner appears to have been spurred on by Graham and McCain. The two Senators attended the dinner and then blasted Senator Rand Paul by calling his filibuster a ‘disservice’ to the conversation about the president’s legal use of drones and even ‘ridiculous.’

Speaking of ridiculous, the GOP thought that after having the fiscal cliff settled by a deal that hammered most workers with payroll tax increases, and led to zero serious spending cuts, that the idea of tax increases would be taken off the table. The Republicans had compromised on tax increases and then could get serious about spending cuts, or so the quixotic line of thinking went. The next day, the Democrats were already talking about $1 trillion more in tax increases.

Well, no sooner did the March 1st deadline arrive for the sequester, a process of $85 billion in budget cuts that was the president’s idea, but nonetheless was initially blamed on Republicans, than we had an ‘apocalypse‘ so dire that the administration had to suspend tours of the White House because of a measly $20,000. Not that this would stop a fine, upstanding outfit like Politico from hyping a ‘hopeful tone‘ and a ‘grand bargain’ (for the American taxpayer?) due to this piddling, unserious dinner that all our economic problems will soon be magically whisked away by Washington power-brokers.

So, that’s the budgetary ‘reach out’ for these two Senators courtesy of the president, who has been widely seen as wanting to destroy the GOP; or at least, pit it against itself and spur it into a ‘civil war.’ Well, that civil (liberties) war is here, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing for the GOP’s horrible image. Rand Paul did more to improve the GOP’s image in one night than these two Democratic supplicants have their entire careers.

As the Daily Caller also pointed out:

But Graham is also raising his media profile by backing several Obama-pushed projects, including new curbs on guns, a tax increase and the immigration reform that could bring at least 11 million low-skill illegal immigrants — and eventually, their relatives —into the country.

Graham faces a reelection campaign in 2014. His website did not offer any comment about the dinner.

The old guard acts like it hasn’t been notified of New Media yet; and is seemingly unfathoming of such things that #StandwithRand was the top Twitter trend in the world the previous night starting at 10:30 p.m., and had enough tweets at over 1 million (combined with a few other related hashtags) to rival the State of the Union address’ 1.3 million.

The old media ran cover for the two paleosenators, even calling Rand Paul’s eloquent and learned presentation ‘downright nasty.‘ But the word is getting out and the GOP establishment is on the clock. It can either learn to adapt with the times or it can continue to get shown up by Junior Senators from states like Texas and Kentucky

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