Sanford Issues Statement on Colbert Busch Event with Clyburn

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ECBandJCCharleston, SC – May 5, 2013 – Mark Sanford issued the following statement on his opponent’s appearance with Jim Clyburn today:

“It’s fascinating that my opponent on one hand claims to be an independent voice, yet on the other hand would campaign with one of the most fiscally liberal and partisan members of the current Congress,” Sanford said. “Clyburn and Pelosi have been on the same page with regard to every major policy decision, and there is increasingly little reason to believe there would be any difference between the way they vote, and the way my opponent would vote should she be elected.”

“Even today, my opponent failed to offer a single policy difference between herself and Congressman Clyburn or Nancy Pelosi. You can’t have your cake and eat it too in politics…claim independence on one hand, while on the other refuse to offer a single example of that supposed independence.

“And I suspect the reality is that my opponent would not, indeed, be independent. Nancy Pelosi and national Democrats have poured over $1 million into this race to get her elected. Past and present heads of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate, both Tom Daschle and Harry Reid, have contributed to my opponent. The total contributed from labor unions – including the very union that tried to shutter Boeing in South Carolina – nears $100,000. The bottom line is that my opponent has given voters zero reason to believe she would actually be anything other than a reliably liberal vote, and today’s appearance with Clyburn helps confirm it.”

Note: During her last appearance with Clyburn, Colbert Busch said nothing about being an “independent voice” and instead promised to be a voice for unions. Watch for yourself here:


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