Sheriff Ray Nash endorses Mark Sanford for Congress

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Charleston, SC – March 25, 2013 – Former Dorchester County Sheriff Ray Nash today announced his support for former Governor Mark Sanford in the April 2nd runoff for the 1st Congressional District’s Republican nomination.

Nash is a thirty-four year law enforcement professional, who quickly rose through the ranks becoming one of this nation’s youngest police chiefs at age 23. Nash continued his service to his country in the war zone of Afghanistan as the Criminal Justice Adviser for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Nash campaigned for Congress on Constitutional principles and a tea party platform.

“I ran for Congress because I was tired of federal overreach in an ever-growing number of areas, and I believe this Country needs to get back to the principles of the Founding Fathers,” Nash said. “That’s why I am stepping forward to support Mark – he has stood up to those who want to grow government, to those who want to spend more rather than less, and against those who would continue to infringe upon our liberties. I’m proud to stand with him.”

Sanford thanked Nash for his endorsement.


ray nash“Ray has been an incredible public servant over the years dedicated to keeping us safe, so to that end it’s a real honor to have his support,” Sanford said. “In particular, it’s been great to hear Ray out on the campaign trail talking about our nation’s founding principles, something I believe we need to get back to through slowing spending, reducing debt, and shrinking the overall footprint
of the federal government in our daily lives. I have a record of fighting to do just that, and I look forward to working with Ray to get our message out to voters.”поиск путевкаа на кипрсоздание приложенийa halloween partyтехнология продвижение бренда теория



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    I know we can not vote for Mark Sanford – because we are in Myrtle Beach. Please Charleston: if we ever needed Mr Sanford it is now. We all know what he can do – he has done it!
    We just finished reading: “Killing Kennedy”. I voted for Kennedy too and his sexual activities make Sanford look like a choir boy. None of it is right but it is now time to think of our Country. Mark knows what to do to push our Country in the right direction.

    Please, those of you who can vote — help us get Mark into the House — it is all in your hands now. We wish you well!



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