THE BUZZ: Can Mace Ace The US Senate Race?

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Nancy MaceA month after her name was first raised in national political circles, Nancy Mace says she is still mulling a primary run against Lindsey Graham for the Seneca Republican’s U.S. Senate seat in 2014.

“I’m flattered by the chatter,” the first woman to graduate from The Citadel said. “It’s not something you just dive into. It’s the U.S. Senate.”

Mace, who runs a public relations and web design firm, said seeking political office is something she has considered, but the mother of two wants to weigh the impact on her family of going against a two-term Senate incumbent.

“He’s a nice guy, affable, polished, but when you look at his record, there’s some areas of concern,” Mace said.

State Sen. Tom Davis, a Beaufort Republican who has spoken with Mace about running, said she has an opening among the limited-government supporters who are displeased with some of Graham’s votes, notably his support for the Wall Street bailout.

“She’s highly regarded in the Liberty Movement,” he said.

No active major-party opponent has announced a run. Davis reiterated that he will not. State Sen. Lee Bright, R-Spartanburg, apparently is nearing a decision.

If she – or anyone else – enters the race, Mace said a Graham foe should not dwell on the money disadvantage. Graham had $4.4 million in his campaign coffers at the end of 2012.

“No one will match him dollar for dollar,” Mace said. “This kind of race is won on the ground and not won on TV.”

While Mace ponders the start of a political career, she said she ended her business relationship with political blogger Will Folks’ FITSNews website last week. Mace, who is sometimes mistakenly called Folks’ partner in the blog, said her firm built designs for his popular site.

By ANDREW SHAIN — ashain@thestate.com
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    jdqlBYo.jpgJoe I think many are wondering what’s taking the Republican Party so long to get behind some strong women. Will the Democrats be the first to search for women and get them seated in the Senate? Whether Mrs. Mace jumps in the race or not against Senator Graham, we in South Carolina need to be scanning our state for some strong contenders for both the House and the Senate.

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    John Katsanos says:

    Lets all Come Together and Support some Strong Proponents of Liberty
    to the United States Senate.

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    Walter Early says:

    Certainly, I am intrigued with Nancy Mace as a potential opponent to Graham, however, her former association with the sleazy Will Folks is a cause for concern. Yes, I understand that his money is as green as anyone else’s, but did she not have the presence of mind and good judgement to consider that she might someday be tainted by this association?


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