Sanford: Investors Will Back More 2014 Democrats if Colbert Busch Wins

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3316_86365082744_4749966_nThe evening before a new South Carolina poll had him surging past Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Bush, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford said on “Breitbart News Sunday” that Democrats are trying to use a potential Colbert Busch victory to lure political investors to finance other Democrats for the 2014 election cycle.

Sanford said if Colbert Busch defeats him in Tuesday’s special election for South Carolina’s first congressional district seat, Democrats running to take back the House in 2014 will be better funded and more dangerous to Republicans.

Speaking to host Stephen K. Bannon, Sanford said that Obama has explicitly stated his goal was to take back Congress in 2014 so he can cement his legacy by passing bills through a Democrat-controlled legislature. He said those on the left are trying defeat him in the special election so they “can make the case with the political investor communities” that they can win back the House in 2014.

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