Speakers For The 2018 Convention

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Daniel Greenfield

Daniel GreenfieldDaniel Greenfield is an author and columnist who is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and writes on topics such as terrorism and socialism at the Center’s website Front Page Magazine as well as at his own blog Sultan Knish and in columns that are syndicated elsewhere across the wide vast expanses of the internet. Daniel has a column titled Western Front at Israel National News and his op eds have also appeared in the New York Sun, the Jewish Press and at FOX Nation. divider.png Corey R. Lewandowski Cory Lewandowski Corey R. Lewandowski currently serves as President and CEO of Lewandowski Strategic Advisors, LLC a government, public affairs and crisis communications consulting company as well as a TV political commentator. He provides on-air analysis on political news of the day via his in-depth understanding of the political process. He is a contributor to The Hill newspaper and serves as a visiting fellow at Harvard University. Cory is an American political operative and political commentator. He was a political commentator for One America News Network (OANN)  and Fox News Channel (FNC) and a former political commentator for the Cable News Network (CNN), as well as a former campaign manager of Donald Trump‘s 2016 campaign for President of the United States.


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