Rep. Chip Limehouse pre-files H.3087

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State HouseOn December 11, 2014 Rep. Chip Limehouse of Charleston District 110, pre-filed bill H.3087 that seeks to require voters in South Carolina to be registered as a member of a political party at least 30 days prior to the primary in order to participate in choosing that party’s candidates for office. Section 3(B) of the bill would allow political parties, during their state conventions, the latitude to add by party rule to the qualifications for membership in the party and add to the qualifications for voters to vote in that party’s primary.

“3(B) A person may not belong to a party club or vote in a primary unless he is a registered elector and a member of that party. The state convention of any a political party, organization, or association in this State may add by party rules to the qualifications for membership in the party, organization, or association and for voting at the primary elections if the qualifications do not conflict with the provisions of this section or with the Constitution and laws of this State or of the United States.”

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