New GOP Senator Urges GOP Voters To Slam GOP Leaders
By Neil Munro

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Voters want the GOP to stand up for what their platform isOn Wednesday, Dec. 11, House Speaker John Boehner will stage a vote on the 2015 government budget bill. But his bill doesn’t included any language barring Obama’s deputies from spending money to implement his Nov. 21 plan to provide amnesty, work permits and green cards for 5 million illegal immigrants.

Boehner’s spending bill is opposed by numerous anti-amnesty voters and groups, including NumbersUSA, the Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Americans For Legal Immigration PAC, or Alipac.

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This Shutdown Is Just Democracy At Work

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TwoAmericasConventional wisdom in Washington is that our nation’s government was shut down by a group of uncompromising tea party extremists. While this is demonstrably untrue – the House of Representatives has now compromised on its position twice while Senate Democrats have refused to budge an inch – it masks a more important debate. That debate is over what type of democracy we want to live in: A real one or one on auto-pilot.

Official Washington regularly casts scorn on the “brinksmanship” that has characterized our nation’s fiscal debates for the last three years. There has been brinksmanship in recent years, but it’s only offensive if you wish to place our nation on perpetual cruise control.

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