Huelskamp: GOP Leadership Forgetting Tea Party Gave Them House Majority

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Tea Party In WashingtonCongressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) told Breitbart News that his party’s leaders should be very careful about targeting conservative members associated with the Tea Party, as the reason Republicans hold a majority in the lower chamber is because Tea Party activists voted in a wave of conservatives in 2010.

“The Tea Party was the majority maker for House Republicans; without much of these new conservatives, there would not be a Speaker Boehner. There would not be an opportunity to push back on Obamacare, so it’s pretty clear,” said Huelskamp. “But the Tea Party is not some small part–it is the conservative wing of the [Republican] Party, which is a pretty strong majority. I mean it’s taken on some key tenets of the Republican Party, which are conservative.”

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