The Next Big Middle Eastern War
Story By Daniel Greenfield

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Saudia-Arabia-vs-iranObama’s policies lit the fuse. The withdrawal from Iraq, the Arab Spring, the Iranian Nuke deal and the alliance with the Shiite regime in Baghdad did a great deal to increase Iranian power. When the United States left Iraq, Iran took control. The Arab Spring tore apart the region. And Iran used the opportunity to expand its power over Yemen, Iraq and Syria. The nuke deal signaled that Obama wouldn’t do anything to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power or a regional power. And by outsourcing the fight against ISIS to Shiite terrorist militias, Obama allowed Iran to consolidate control over Iraq and Syria. Daniel Greenfield will be a featured speaker at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention 

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The Personalization of the Political Arena

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Daniel GreenfieldDaniel Greenfield explains part of the reason that there is so much division today, in a nation where everyone used to pledge,  “I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the United States of America. One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all” says Joe Dugan Founder of the SCTPC Convention. Daniel Greenfield states either way the erosion of the distinction between ideas and emotions, between feelings and politics is the dominant trend of the day. And when there is no wall between politics and emotions, it’s impossible to discuss ideas. The only thing left to do is express anger., Politics favors negative emotions, not positive ones. And when there is also no wall between the personal and the political, political disagreement becomes a threat to personal identity. And violence swiftly follows.

Classical liberalism is based on ideas. The American system requires that we discuss and debate. When a society can no longer discuss ideas, it becomes illiberal and totalitarian. When discussion becomes impossible, then politics becomes based around stratagems of compulsion. And compulsion eventually meets its match. Meanwhile the system is discredited. And there is no exit strategy.

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