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Bear Witness CentralWe are proud to have two Directors of Bear Witness Central as guest speakers at our 2014 SCTPC Convention in January. You will not want to miss hearing Dr. Juan Torres and Frank de Varona, as they bring the message of Freedom from people who know what it means to have it denied. Bear Witness Central is a member of Florida’s TEA PARTY NETWORK, TEA PARTY PATRIOTS and AMERICAN HISPANIC COALITION, has affiliations, partnerships and works also with other non-partner Pro-Constitution groups that share the same principles and values. Mission:

We provide information and support to other groups who are involved in taking back our Country. We can provide speakers who Bear Witness to life in a Socialist regime. We conduct conferences and seminars to promote the truth to concerned Americans and reach out to uninformed Americans

We are looking for Americans that have experienced Socialism and /or Communism intervention during their life time to bear witness to Tea Parties and to other groups. We are also looking for concerned Americans that can help us to reach other Americans that are not aware of what is going on in America, or are not convinced that we are headed in the wrong direction. We also welcome article contributors to our website.

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