The Solution and Remedy to Reclaiming Sovereignty in the U.S.
By Gregg C. Cummings

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Don't Tread On MeWhat follows is a solution that will answer a national crisis and will remedy a sociological divide in our nation, but it is crucial to explain first and foremost what this article is NOT about.  It is not about forced immigration, something that has happened all over the world throughout the existence of man including:

  • African slave traders capturing and selling their own countrymen and women for economic gain
  • Arab slave traders capturing and selling any human from any race throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia for economic gain
  • European slave traders who enslaved and tortured the Irish, Africans, and Asians all over the world to include the Americas, all for economic gain
  • the first slave owner in America, who was a black man
  • the richest slave owner from New Orleans during the outbreak of the Civil War, who was a black man
  • Native American tribes that massacred and have enslaved and stolen others from different tribes throughout their history
  • the KKK, the Nazis, the Black Panthers, La-Raza or any other form of bigoted racist hate groups.

Finally, this article is also not about the blending and mixing of terms, such as immigration or immigrant without “legal” or “illegal” added on, as it should be, for clear clarification of the truth. We cannot simply omit words to manipulate and deceive the minds of the American people from understanding the separation of legal vs. illegal immigration.

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