Don’t Be Bullied By Obama Admin Attack on 501c-4s

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IRS-Tea-PartyThe Obama administration and its progressive soldiers seem to know no bounds when it comes to seeking political  advantage by  limiting speech. The Wall Street Journal put it well:  “The Obama administration is moving to rein in the influence of tax-exempt groups in elections by creating rules to restrict their spending on a wide range of campaign-related activities.”

President Obama and progressives purportedly  have an interest in democracy and amplifying the voice of each citizen, but the latest changes  being proposed to how 501(c)(4) organizations can operate in or near elections is a direct threat to electoral freedom.

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After Weeks of Abuse, IRS Agents Get Chance for Payback

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Truth“I have a hunch that a lot more is going to come out, frankly.”

– Sen. Max Baucus in a May 17 interview with Bloomberg News about the targeting of conservatives by the IRS.

Suppose you are an IRS agent who targeted Tea Party groups, sending them nastygrams that strongly suggested you thought that they weren’t just some Constitution-loving citizens, but rather liars who were just funneling money from well-heeled corporate backers into elections.

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