Republicans Shift Immigration Debate From Amnesty To Americans’ Jobs

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Unemployment Jobs_0A group of House Republicans is trying to shift the media’s focus in the immigration debate away from the proposed amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants and toward the 140 million Americans now trying to earnarrow-10x10.png a decent living amid high unemployment and declining wages.

“Amnesty is a component part of the overall issue and I tried to focus on the overall economic issue,” Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who issued a statement for the group, told The Daily Caller. “For me, the issue has always been about the damage that the president’s immigration policy will do to the American economy and to American workers.”

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DUNCAN: A step toward American energy independence

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The-globalists-are-killing-us-with-high-oil-pricesOuter continental shelf agreement would boost Gulf oil and natural gas.

About seven years ago, I had the opportunity to tour Devil’s Tower, an offshore drilling platform 140 miles southeast of New Orleans. It was an enriching experience learning how technology and human ingenuity come together to safely harvest resources from the depths of our oceans that are used to power our homes, cars and businesses.

What was even more educational, though, was seeing all the various industries and people that come together to make this venture a reality. After touring the platform, I drove across Highway 90 and saw business after business servicing the offshore operations. I saw welders and pipe fitters, truck drivers and restaurant servers, barge operators and hotel workers. As amazed as I was by what was taking place offshore, it was what was happening onshore that really caught my eye. I saw firsthand that energy creates jobs, and that we need to do everything we can to embrace all-American energy here in the United States.

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