‘The Fed’s Increasingly Grandiose Role’

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22435_103529059668881_100000353634804_85897_7522251_nGeorge Will has noted, the curious journalistic acceptance of the Fed’s increased powers “…semantic infiltration of journalism by language that ratifies the Fed’s increasingly grandiose role. A Financial Times column on Yellen, now Bernanke’s presumptive successor, described her as “poised to take the tiller of the US economy.” Oh? The economy has a tiller? And with it the Fed chairman can steer the economy? Who knew?” Free markets with tillers. Interesting concept, and it has been cleverly and stealthily slipped passed the goal line.

Nothing in the Fed’s mandate directs the Fed to “tiller” the economy. Its new powers are a result of confiscatory creep. Stock market going up, all good. Gone, or ignored, is any language that encourages savings, defends the value of the dollar, or, as mentioned in its mission statement, provides “moderate” interest ratesarrow-10x10.png.

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