Honor, Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Character

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492px-Portrait_of_George_Washington-246x300Where did it go?…  Why do we rationalize the absence of these traits in our political leaders, society and our american culture today?   The Portrait of George Washington once held a prominent place in our nations schools.  In 1932, to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of his Birth, Congress mandated that the Presidential Portrait of George Washington be displayed in every classroom in every school in America.  The Federal Government printed a series of 12 booklets on the life of George Washington to be used as a teaching tool in the schools as well as the Presidential Portrait of George Washington.   They were distributed by our Congressman and Senators to all of the schools, towns, and villages across the country.   Today, you have to look at half the people elected to the House and Senate, and wonder how they ever got elected to office.

Over the past 50 years, the portraits of George Washington have been removed, and so has most of the history from our children’s history books.  There is no longer a Washington’s Birthday Holiday for the one man, who gave birth to our nation, and our individual freedom, who presided over the Constitutional Convention, and guided our new nation as our First President.  You have to wonder how and why this could happen in our country!

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