The South Carolina Coast Prepares for EPIC Grassroots Event in January
By Sonya Sasser

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SCTPCCThe South Carolina coast is preparing for an EPIC grassroots event in January 2018, and you won’t want to miss it.  The South Carolina Tea Party Coalition’s 6th Anniversary Convention is meeting January 20th-22nd at the Crown Reef Convention Center and Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The conference will be highlighting President Donald Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter,” and the convention will also include:

  • 2018 Election kickoff – building on the 2016 People’s victory and solidifying the movement going forward.
  • Exposing the truth behind the Media, Establishment, Democrat & Marxist War Against President Trump.
  • Enforcing Constitutional Law & Order Regarding National Security, Antifa & Civilization Jihad.
  • Monday January 22, 2018- South Carolina Gubernatorial Debate- all GOP candidates invited.
  • 2018 Statewide Election – Candidates & Issues.
  • Other critical items uppermost on the minds of SC voters including legislative reform, EMP in SC.
  • Right to Life, American law in SC courts, Article V Constitutional Convention.
  • Types of Primaries in SC, illegal immigration & refugee transparency, nuclear power scandal, SC fiscal responsibility and the recent gas tax hike.

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The Personalization of the Political Arena

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Daniel GreenfieldDaniel Greenfield explains part of the reason that there is so much division today, in a nation where everyone used to pledge,  “I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the United States of America. One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all” says Joe Dugan Founder of the SCTPC Convention. Daniel Greenfield states either way the erosion of the distinction between ideas and emotions, between feelings and politics is the dominant trend of the day. And when there is no wall between politics and emotions, it’s impossible to discuss ideas. The only thing left to do is express anger., Politics favors negative emotions, not positive ones. And when there is also no wall between the personal and the political, political disagreement becomes a threat to personal identity. And violence swiftly follows.

Classical liberalism is based on ideas. The American system requires that we discuss and debate. When a society can no longer discuss ideas, it becomes illiberal and totalitarian. When discussion becomes impossible, then politics becomes based around stratagems of compulsion. And compulsion eventually meets its match. Meanwhile the system is discredited. And there is no exit strategy.

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Congressman Jeff Duncan Says The “Establishment” Republicans need to quiet down

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Jeff Duncan Believe The GOP should listen to TrumpThe “Establishment” Republicans need to quiet down and listen to what Trump and others are saying – because it is resonating with the average American – hence the continued lead in almost every poll.

If the GOP as a whole would actually listen to some of the things Trump is saying, incorporating those things into their platforms and policies – We would be better off.

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OMB’s Donovan: Obama Open to Gas Tax Increase
By Alexis Simendinger

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Please join us for the rally in Columbia on February 10Are you ready for a federal gas tax increase followed by a state gas tax increase? The federal Highway Trust Fund is running out of money, and some senators have proposed to fix the problem by raising gas taxes. This, however, is the wrong solution because it treats the symptom, and not the underlying reason for the shortfall.

Increasing the gas tax would simply allow Congress to increase spending on often-frivolous projects that do nothing for highway travelers, with no guarantee that it would keep spending below revenues. Thus, in two or three years we would be likely to see the fund once again run out of money.

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Your Brain on FED LED ED: Where Did It Go?
by Lauren Martel – Chief Legal Correspondent

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Dont JustTeach-Give Kids A ChanceAre we creating an environment of curriculum and methodology of training that nurtures the idea—You are unique—just like everyone else?

What is the Original purpose of education? I grew up in a home where the Socratic method was encouraged, meaning we learned by asking questions.

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Adam Andrzejewski, Spending Data Pioneer, Featured at South Carolina Tea Party Conference
by Mike Flynn

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Andrzejewski’s work exposed the bonuses paid to incompetent and corrupt VA hospital administrators. His organization exposed federal small business loans flowing to mega-corporations. Recently, the organization has exposed lavish spending and crony contracts at the College of DuPage, in the Chicago suburbs.On Friday, the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition announced that government reformer Adam Andrzejewski will speak at the Coalition’s annual conference next weekend in South Carolina.

Andrzejewski (pictured), founder of, has built the largest private database of government spending at all levels, giving activists a critical tool to hold officials accountable. The conference takes place January 17-19 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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