Tea Party Activists Ridicule Sal Russo’s Claim ‘There Are Zero Big-Government Republicans Today’
by Michael Patrick Leahy

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Joe Dugan, founder and executive producer of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, thinks Russo has both his math and his politics all wrong.Sal Russo, the seasoned Republican consultant who founded the Tea Party Express PAC in March 2009, says there are “zero” big-government Republicans today.

“When Reagan became president, he had all these big-government Republicans. There are zero today,” Russo told The Hill.

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Seton Motley To Speak At The SCTPC Convention

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Seton MotleyWe are pleased to announce that Seton Motley will be our Emcee and  will be speaking on the topic “Government by Fiat” during our Saturday,  January 18, 2014 opening session of the weekend long, South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to Seton’s perspective on what has happened to our Republic.

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