IRS Demands for Names, Donors and Volunteers

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bill-of-rightsRevealed: The 55 questions the IRS asked one tea party group after more than two years of waiting – including demands for names of all its donors and volunteers
  • Lengthy questionnaire arrived more than two years after the Richmond Tea Party applied for tax-exempt status
  • IRS demanded ‘names of the donors, contributors, and grantors‘ and insisted: ‘Please identify your volunteers’
  • Tax collectors began in 2012 to scrutinize conservative nonprofits more closely than others
  • Documents show senior IRS officials in Washington knew of the practice as early as August 2011, but the White House says it learned last month


The Internal Revenue Service wrote to the Richmond Tea Party last year demanding to know the names of all its financial donors and volunteers, as part of a 55-question inquisition into its application for tax-exempt status, MailOnline has learned.

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