Tea Party Patriots Demand House Block Funding of Executive Amnesty
by Michael Patrick Leahy

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Pete Sessions is standing strong.A Wednesday afternoon session of the House Rules Committee remains the final hurdle for Speaker Boehner’s 1,600 page, $1.1 trillion “CR-Omnibus” budget bill before a scheduled vote on the floor of the House today. But one of the most powerful conservative grassroots organizations in the country is turning up the heat on the House GOP leadership.

The Tea Party Patriots are demanding that “the House Rules Committee block funding for executive amnesty” contained in the bill. If the committee fails to do so, the group said, “the bill should be defeated.”

“If the Rules Committee won’t allow the proper amendments, the Rule should be taken down; if the necessary language blocking funding for executive amnesty is not added, the bill should be defeated,” Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, said in a statement. Martin urged “fellow concerned citizens . . . I to get in touch with your Member of Congress and demand it.”

The day after the Republican Party’s sweeping electoral victory last month, Martin noted that: “The Republicans have been given the ball. It’s up to them to show that they deserve it.”

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