Dr. Juan Torres-Guest Speaker- 2014 SCTPC Convention

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Dr. Juan TorresJuan Torres is a physician who holds a great deal of respect for the history, constitution and greatness of the United States of America. He founded the “Latino American Tea Party”, an organization created to inform, educate and unite Hispanics against the growing threat of Socialism and attacks to freedom of Religion and principles upon which this country was founded. He also brought together several state and national organizations to form the “American Hispanic Coalition”.

Dr. Torres’s commitment to freedom and respect for the United States Constitution is reflected in his efforts to continuously inform the largest minority group in the U.S. using popular social media sites frequently visited by the Hispanic community. In addition, using a broad database from Bear Witness, Dr. Torres provides information in Spanish to several conservative and Tea Party organizations across the country.

He has served as a panelist for the “Awakening” a multiethnic event hosted by Liberty Counsel and Freedom Federation addressing issues related to ObamaCare and needed strategies to reach out to the Hispanic community. Dr. Torres has also addressed issues related to faith, family and opportunities for Hispanics in the “Values and Voters Summit” and other Tea Party and conservative events in Washington, D.C. and other cities. He is a board member of the “National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference”, the largest Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals in the U.S.

He is currently the Central Florida Director for “Bear Witness” ( and “Libertad USA” (

Dr. Torres can be contacted at JTorres@BWCentral.orgсковорода чугунная москвагорящие автобусные путевки в болгариюmoney translationsанализ сайта по поисковым запросам


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