Frank de Varona – Guest Speaker – SCTPC Convention

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Photo-FrankFrank de Varona is an educator, historian, journalist, and internationally known expert on politics, economics, foreign affairs and national security issues. He was born in Cuba and, at the age of 17, he participated on the Bay of Pigs invasion in an effort to eradicate communism in Cuba. After spending two years in prison, he returned to the United States, where he earned three college degrees. He is married and has a daughter and a grandson.

Professor de Varona had a 37-year career in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools as a social studies teacher, principal, region superintendent, associate superintendent of instruction and interim deputy superintendent of schools. He also was an associate professor of social studies in the College of Education at Florida International Education for seven years. Currently, he is a part-time Adult Education Coordinator in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

He has written 21 books and over 100 articles in newspapers and magazines. Among his books are Hispanics in U.S. History Volume 1 and Volume 2 (1989), Hispanic Presence in the United States (1993), Latino Literacy: The Complete Guide to Our Hispanic History and Culture (1996) and Presencia hispana en los Estados Unidos: Quinto Centenario (2013). Mr. de Varona is the only Hispanic in the nation who has written three books in Spanish about Barack Obama: ¿Obama o McCain? (2008), El Verdadero Obama (2010) and ¿Obama o Romney? (2012). Professor de Varona had just finished America in Decline in November 2013.

Bear Witness Director for Miami- Dade

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