Ted Cruz: Normalization Of U.S./Cuban Relations ‘A Tragic Mistake’
Reporter Al Weaver

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ted-cruz-tea-party-star-senator-elect-and-white-house-hopefulFollowing the return of Alan Gross to the U.S., Sen. Ted Cruz slammed the “Obama, Clinton, Kerry foreign policy,” saying the Castro brothers are “state sponsors of terrorism” and that President Barack Obama “does not understand the difference between our friends and our enemies.”

Cruz, one of three Cuban American members of the upper chamber in Congress, also called the normalization of relations between the two nations “a tragic mistake” made the comments to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Wednesday afternoon.

TED CRUZ: “This is yet another manifestation of the failures of the Obama, Clinton, Kerry foreign policy. For six years we followed the pattern of alienating and abandoning our friends and allies, and at the same time coddling up to and appeasing to those who are enemies of this country. It’s a consistent pattern. First Russia, then Iran, now Cuba.”

“This announcement today will be remembered as a tragic mistake. You know, Cuba was struggling, it was gasping, gasping for air. It has been relying on Venezuela with oil prices cratering. Venezuela is hurting economically and just like the administration did with Iran right when the administration was feeling the maximum pain it throws them an economic lifeline and continues the brutal repression and dictatorship of the Castro brothers.”

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 By: Al Weaver

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