South Carolina Tea Party Slams Huckabee for Supporting Lindsey Graham
South Carolina Activist Are Not Happy With The Huck

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Uh Oh Huck You should Have Kept QuietJoe Dugan, executive producer of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention that will be held in Myrtle Beach from January 18th to the 20th, criticized former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for supporting incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in an ad that ran on television networks in South Carolina during the Capital One Bowl Game Wednesday.

“I thought it was disgusting,” Dugan said of the ad. The ad was paid for by a group called the South Carolina Conservative Action Alliance, a tax-exempt 501(c)4 non-profit.

In the ad Huckabee, who placed second in the race for the 2008 Republican nomination for President and is said to be considering another run in 2016, praised Graham effusively.

SCCAA: “Huckabee”


“There’s a leader in South Carolina who knows what it takes to win: Senator Lindsey Graham,” Huckabee says in the ad. “Call Lindsey Graham and thank him for being a conservative champion for peace through strength.”

“I think this ad and what has gone on in the Republican party shows the absolute need for a convention like the one we’ll be holding in Myrtle Beach from the 18th to the 20th,” Dugan told Breitbart News.

All four Tea Party challengers incumbent Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who will be on the ballot in the June primary will speak at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

Recent polls show that the four – State Senator Lee Bright, attorney and U.S. Army veteran Bill Connor, small business owner Nancy Mace (the first female graduate of the Citadel), and small business owner Richard Cash – lag far behind Graham. South Carolina is a runoff state, however, and if the four hold Graham below 50 percent, the candidate with the most votes among the four challengers will take on Graham in a two-person runoff just two weeks after the primary.

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