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Senator Mike Lee on the  floor Remarks on the "CRomnibus"Mr./Madam President, I rise in opposition to the spending bill before us today. I rise in opposition to the cynical substance of the legislation. I rise in opposition to the un-republican and undemocratic process by which a small collection of political and economic insiders crafted it, to benefit each other at everyone else’s expense.

And finally, I rise in particular opposition to the signals this so-called CRomnibus sends: the signal it sends to political insiders on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue; the signal it sends to special interest cronies on Wall Street and K Street; and the signal it sends to working families struggling on Main Streets across this country who have been waiting for a decade for someone in this city to start putting them first.

And those problems with this bill – each alone enough to merit opposition – do not even speak to its greatest weakness: its failure to correct the president’s lawless executive amnesty.

Since last night when it was taken up in the House of Representatives, supporters of the CRomnibus have couched their support in the language of compromise. “This isn’t a perfect bill,” they say.

But on the contrary, Mr./Madam President: it is perfect. As a representation of everything wrong with Washington, D.C,  and as an example of exactly the kind of unfair, unrepresentative legislating that triggered successive electoral waves of bipartisan condemnation in 2006, 2008, 2010, and again in 2014 – the CRomnibus is perfect.

Nor do members of my party have the luxury today of blaming this latest failure on the outgoing Senate majority. No. This one is on us.

Americans just last month thought they went to the polls and voted for change to stop this kind of thing – unread, thousand-page bills written in secret, filled with hidden favors for special interests while funding the lawlessness of an out-of-control president.

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