US Chamber of Commerce Threatens GOP on Immigration, Spending
by Dan Riehl

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US Chamber Of CommerceNot only does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce think it is the only reason the GOP won in November, it is now threatening Republicans with opposition next go round if they don’t lay down and give the Chamber precisely what it wants, including on immigration, increased spending on transportation, and economic deals that sweeten the pot for big business.

Naturally, the Wall Street Journal is there to carry the Chamber’s water:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce flexed its muscle in the midterm election, winning 14 of 15 Republican primaries in which it was involved and helping the GOP recapture the Senate. Now it wants the Republican majority in Congress to get to work.

Forget small business, or the average Jane or Joe, the Chamber wants what it wants. Unfortunately, the WSJ either overlooks or is ignorant of how this would leave the GOP completely open to attack from the more populist wing of the Democrat Party. If, for example, a Hillary Clinton could win over that wing, and the GOP ran yet another Bush, totally beholden to corporatist America, 2016 might not be such a good year for Republicans, no matter how much noise the Chamber may make.

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